Liza Rogers


I am passionate about connecting in our community and have a mission to create extraordinary experiences for people and organizations in my circle.

What I Can Do For You


The right people in your business and personal circle can catapult you forward in your life or your work project. I have those connections just waiting for you.


Programs, events, tours and more. Create unique experiences and options that excite you and your clients. Spark your imagination and evolve to the next level.


Allow me to drive ideas your way. Take advantage of my creating and connecting expertice and let's work together to drive improvement for you or your organization.

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Brett Soberg, Co-Owner & Captain/Operator

Brett Soberg, Co-Owner & Captain/Operator

Eagle Wing Whale & Wildlife Tours in Victoria, BC

In this city, networking, building relationships, implementing projects and strategies are key. You soon realize that without collaborative & cooperative partnerships you do not gain market-share. Individuals who are passionate, driven, creative, forward thinking, and generally just really 'good people' drive this city forward into a vibrant, healthy, living, breathing Tourism centre. For many years Victoria has needed change. Liza is one of the people who makes that change happen! She is vibrant, wonderful and an asset to those she serves. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of working in collaboration with her on opportunities and I endorse her fully.
Kimberly Dean, Artist and Co-founder

Kimberly Dean, Artist and Co-founder

Templed Mind

Liza has encouraged me to find an entirely new confidence in my approach to how I work and who I work with. Liza is the most inspired and motivated person I have worked with in Victoria, though I greatly attribute this to her worldly experience. Her positive demeanour and professional attitude always encourage me to show up and give my best. It is because of this that she is able to be a leader for small and large teams while keeping everyone around her excited, yet focused. She is authentic, intelligent, and a true motivator. She is a steady source of great ideas, all of which are geared towards improving the lives of others as well as the Earth. We share the belief that business can be successful through using a heart-centered approach. I admire Liza's satisfaction for bringing people together. She doesn't only connect people with other people, but she is also a connector for people to deepen their understanding of their intrinsic motivation for why they do what they do. This is a valuable quality; a quality I continue to strive for on a daily basis.