My COVID Musings…

  • Are you still super stressed about what you’re going to do once we’re back in the swing?
  • Are you looking for like-minded women who know that together we’ll face this head-on?
  • Are you willing to see, understand and take action with the opportunities that come from times of uncertainty?

You can prepare and participate in the economy that will evolve from the time we’re currently in. And you can set yourself up to take action that won’t be detrimental to your friends, family and your greater community. Many people are scared that by setting themselves up to win, others have to lose. That scarcity mentality is taking its toll on many people but it can be shifted….

Let me give you an example!

I have a goal with our WREN Club tribe to build at least five rental buildings across Canada within the next 5 years. I’m applying my 5 WINZ Philosophy to reach that goal and I’m working on it RIGHT NOW, in the midst of this chaos! How am I using an abundant mindset and the power of my tribe to keep me on track?

Here are just a few ways that I think, and a few things that I know that are all pointing me in the right direction.

Using the 5 WINZ Philosophy, I am taking this time to put myself first for WIN #1 If I WIN, I can better serve others to WIN. How am I doing that?

  1. Self development, exercise, mediation and staying connected to friends and family however I can
  2. Working on my business and realizing the opportunity to grow and reset is NOW
  3. Journaling, reflecting and taking my camera out to capture and appreciate the beauty all around me and being grateful for all the good things

What are you doing to put yourself first?

The next focus WIN #2, your purpose! With this time of change, you have been given a gift that allows you to take a deep dive into how you’re living your life and explore if you are fulfilling your purpose. The world needs YOU to be at your best right now and when you live with a purpose that you know deep in your soul, you can carry that through to your work whether that’s work you do for your family, a job or as an entrepreneur. You might not be going to your workplace right now but now is the perfect time to ‘do the work’ and get SHIT DONE! And I know….we’re all tired but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying!

My purpose is to live a full life and go to my grave knowing that I left a legacy of stories that inspired, experiences that changed lives, and created houses that became homes filled to the skylights with love.

Living my life with that purpose means every day I work to ensure I’m on track. My social enterprise business encompasses everything it must to align with my purpose and I’m so proud to be able to share it with people and watch how it impacts and influences their lives. In terms of my real estate goal, we set up legal and accounting structures, speak with municipalities and have the location for the first 22 unit rental building project.

Discover or rediscover your purpose and anchor it so that you don’t depart from it when we get started in this new reality!

This leads to WIN #3, Being of Service. By putting myself first and living with a clear purpose I am able to give with abundance and not worry whether or not something is going to come back to me. Of course it will, I have no doubt.

During this crazy COVID time, my business has slowed dramatically but I offered as much value as I could to help serve the needs of the greater good. I offered webinars with experts in different areas, I was on the phone cheerleading people to write their goals and do a budget. I shared on social media my 30 days of gratitude. And people in my house were in great service to me! While I restructured, took courses, organized and delivered webinars my housies did my share of the cooking and cleaning allowing me to focus. I am grateful!

In terms of my desire to build rentals across Canada, this is a massive motivator that comes from wanting to be of service. Together, we have the resourcefulness to gather investors, builders, designers, lenders, advocates, and experts to see these projects through and because we have access to the best, we can create and build sustainably, economically and profitably.

What can you do to be of service? Who in your community, your circle, your family could use whatever it is you can offer to make their lives a little easier? What’s stopping you or what is driving you? Please share with me….I want to know!

Now onto WIN #4, Your Circle.  It doesn’t make sense to sacrifice the peace, love, happiness, efforts, and service to your circle for the sake of potentially winning alone. Your circle must win!

How does your circle win? By seeing you at your best authentic self...that doesn’t mean being happy and enthusiastic all of the time…but it does mean being honest, vulnerable and asking for help when you need it. It means that shit gets real! By you setting your circle up to WIN you’re allowing them to be enthusiastic or vulnerable as well….and don’t we all just want permission to be ourselves? It is so freeing to be real! What a WIN that is!

How does this relate back to my real estate goal….well so many ways I can’t cover them all in one document but here are a few key points.

  1. My tribe has the opportunity to invest in a project with fair returns that offers a great product for the community.
  2. My circle will likely set up a number of these projects as cohousing / coliving communities which will ensure many of us don’t end up in retirement homes that we can’t control.
  3. My family will benefit from a source of additional income while I create, manage and deliver a product.

How are you making sure that all of these WINs have a great impact on our circle? How do you create a ripple effect that cascades outward and feeds inwards?

I could go on but let’s move onto the WIN #5. This WIN ties it all together and becomes the main reason for creating the 5 WINZ Philosophy and sharing it with you today. I’m using a real estate project as a model, however this philosophy can be applied to your life in any way you see fit. In fact we’ll feature a few podcasts down the road and share the journey of others using the 5 WINZ.

WIN #5 is the WIN for your Community….and when it comes to Covid 19, isn’t that one of the lifelines that you’re missing the most?

How do we come out of this and truly embrace and own how much we’ve missed our community?

How do we take the lessons and examples of kindness, generosity, helpfulness, caring, sharing and anchor them into our life so that as we move forward we capture the essence of the importance of our community and it becomes locked into our new way of being?

We must purposefully and peacefully feel how connected we are to our community, whether it’s familial, local, national, ethnic, global or universal. Can you feel the power of that!

How gratifying it is!

How true it feels!

How your belonging has just cemented itself. 



We belong.

And together we are truly better.

I would love to invite your questions, ideas and help you uncover how you can apply the 5 WINZ Philosophy in your life.


Together, we are better….

With gratitude and love,