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- **Session 1: Mindset:** Explore the importance of coaching, collaboration, and partnership, setting program objectives and offering resources like Simon Sinek's "7 levels deep" and Mind Valley Assessments.

- **Session 2: Money Archetype:** Understand personal money relationships, improve communication within partnerships, address money blocks, and utilize tools like Your Purse and budget sheets.

- **Session 3: The Ancestral Connection:** Learn the history of 'village' living, apply ancestral wisdom to modern real estate, and recognize the significance of family and friends in community building.

- **Session 4: The New Work Era & Real Estate:** Examine remote work's impact on property investment, explore properties as multi-purpose spaces, integrate sustainability, and understand Blue Zones' relevance.

- **Session 5: Choosing the Right Destinations:** Analyze property location selection, delve into sample destinations, assess ROI based on tourism and real estate growth, and utilize tools for location analysis.

- **Session 6: Building & Nurturing a Collaborative Community:** Understand the psychology of collaboration and shared ownership, develop conflict resolution skills, and explore community scenarios.

- **Session 7: Crafting the Future: Sustainability & Growth:** Envision long-term sustainability and growth, plan legacies, and create personalized action plans.
- **Session 8: Design, Use, and Flow:** Receive guidance on design for existing, renovations, and new builds.

- **Session 9: Legal:** Understand legal structures, overcome geographic hurdles, and analyze collective legal structures.

- **Session 10: Accounting:** Establish financial frameworks, set up accounting systems, and ensure collective protection through insurance and liability shields.

- **Session 11: Integrated Management Blueprint:** Form management committees, establish operational flow, and implement conflict mitigation mechanisms.

- **Bonus Sessions:** Explore dealing with uncertainty and gain an overview of the Mexico village project.

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