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She doesn't work alone....and she doesn't want you to either!

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The intimate and transformative stories of ten Canadian women who achieved financial success through investing in Real Estate.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Stories from Women Investing in Real Estate



"I am writing to express my appreciation to Liza Rogers and the WREN group for all she is doing to introduce and encourage women interested in learning about real estate investing. Her passion is clearly ensuring women can prosper and grow with solid knowledge, support and encouragement. I learn something from Liza every time we get together."



"I got to know Liza while renting a room in her Airbnb house & I have attended events with her and had plenty of time to see how she operates "behind the scenes". I was very impressed how she is always high energy & is so excited to keep building connections both for her network & for other people including me. I would highly recommend you to put her in your most important people list."

— SAM VANDERVALK, Salmon Eye Charters


"I met Liza volunteering for a community event, she was brand new in town and her energy was infectious. Our friendship happened so seamlessly that I can't even believe there was a time that we didn't know each other. At the beginning she talked about her dream to buy real estate and help retire her mom, I had no idea how big and real that journey would become and how involved I would be! Fast forward to now, we are working side by side to build an empire, she has challenged me, supported and invested in me and believed in me more than I do in myself.  That is Liza - a true believer in making things happen for anyone who wants to shoot for the stars. She is a visionary, a motivator, a coach, and a regular woman just figuring things out for herself and for those like her. Her super natural power to engage and connect people and make dreams come true is addicting to be around and pays off in dividends. If you want to shake up your life, join Liza on the roller coaster ride to freedom!"

— MIA FRANKL, Friend, WREN partner, RE Investor



Liza is a woman unwilling to live by old societal traditions, instead, she's participating in the shift towards a new paradigm!

She has been Entrepreneurial in Tourism and Events for over twenty-five years, travelled around the globe on ships, planes, trains, and automobiles.

She's had lots of fun but has also known struggle... she's experienced her share!

Liza learned a long time ago that giving back is the best way to thrive.

Now, she is on a mission to bring her unique brand of peer-based, self-focused education to people who want to do more than survive ”.

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