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  • Worried about affording those dreamy retirement travels?
  • Craving a place to host unforgettable gatherings with family and friends?
  • Struggling to justify high rents while working remotely?
  • Wondering how Buying A Village is a solution to these issues?

Read on and discover!

We hear you ‚Äď buying a village sounds a little out there! But hold on, because the concept behind it is actually about something much more common:¬†the power of collaboration in real estate investing.

Here's why this might not be as crazy as it first seems:

  • Millionaires know a secret: Most built their wealth through partnerships. They pool resources, share risks, and leverage each other's strengths. It's not just go-it-alone cowboys at the top!

  • Community is in our DNA: Historically, people lived in larger, multi-generational homes or villages. Today, studies show strong communities are linked to happiness and well-being. We crave connection!

  • Loneliness is a modern epidemic: Isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. Multi-generational living arrangements have been shown to combat loneliness for all ages.

  • Women are redefining the future: With longer lifespans and changing family structures, women need secure financial futures and supportive communities. This collaborative approach is gaining traction for a reason!



Take the step, let's secure your financial future togther!

Now, the village is just the big-picture example.


You can use these same principles on a smaller scale, whether it's partnering with a friend on a duplex or finding a co-living situation. The key takeaways are:

  • Teaming Up Makes Sense: Whether it's a house or a village, the core team structure is similar. You just adjust the scale.
  • Communication is Key: Clear communication, defined policies, and exit strategies are crucial for any partnership, big or small. Think of it like a prenup for your property partnership!
  • Know Yourself, Know Your Partner: Understanding your "why," your financial situation, and your goals is essential before buying any property, solo or otherwise.

The bottom line? Collaboration lets you leverage economies of scale, build a supportive community, and free up time and money for the things you love. It's a win-win for a fulfilling life.

So, are you ready to explore the possibilities that Buy a Village reveals? Let's chat further and see how this could work for you!



Looking Ahead

By the new year you will have a greater understanding of the freedom found in collaboration and be confident that your golden years (or your families) won't be spent alone, in isolation or in a retirement facility!

Enroll in our coaching program for focus, accountability, and clear goals!

Discover the key benefits you'll gain from the Buy A Village Coaching Program:

Create a deeper understanding of how powerful partnerships are to your financial future and security. Feel confident about discussing and managing money.

Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and support for growth and success in this curated community. Understand how impactful and important it is to find your people!

Collaborate to learn and apply ideas within the group and take them home to your personal circle and share how to pool resources, share expertise, and achieve greater financial success  nd lifestyle freedom together.

Transform your ideas of real estate purchasing and investing 

What to Expect from Group Coaching

  1. Mindset Magic: Set objectives and explore the power of collaboration
  2. Money Archetype Adventure: Understand your unique money mindset.
  3. Ancestral Connection: Discover the wisdom of 'village' living!
  4. New Work Era & Real Estate: Adapt to remote work and sustainability in style.
  5. Choosing Locations: Analyze properties like a pro!
  6. Building Community: Master the art of collaboration and conflict resolution.
  7. Sustainability & Growth: Plan for a future that thrives!
  8. Design Dream Homes: Get creative with property design and renovations.
  9. Legal Lowdown: Navigate the legal landscape with confidence.
  10. Financial Frameworks: Set up solid accounting practices for success.
  11. Management Blueprint: Build operational structures that work for you!
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What is included and How does it work?

Weekly Sessions

A 12-week program recorded for your convenience. Covers mindset, financial and legal strategies, community building, and more!

Expert Coaches

Learn from a group of coaches and industry experts who share hard lessons and specialized knowledge.

Engaged Community

Connect with like-minded individuals, who share your passion for life and foster a supportive and collaborative environment.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy ongoing access to our course materials, resources, and updates, ensuring continuous learning and growth.

Clear Outcomes

Achieve clearly defined goals with a structured program designed to deliver you measurable results.


Gain exclusive access to opportunities, offers, membership, discounts, event, retreats, workshops and conferences.

Words from our friends / students

"When I first started working with Liza, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed, struggling to find clarity and focus in both my personal and professional life after a big career transition  I knew I needed a strong, supportive coach to guide me through this pivotal time, and Liza was exactly that and more.

Lisa O.

"Liza is a phenomenal coach! She supported me through a complex business case analysis of a motel/RV park opportunity and two multi-family properties investments. Liza draws on her own experiences when coaching and taps into a network of professionals who helped me level up. With Liza in my corner I understood how to invest with partners

Geoff G.

"What sets Liza apart is her ability to draw from her own extensive experience and her impressive network of professionals. Her strategic advice and practical insights were invaluable, helping me overcome challenges and seize opportunities I never thought possible. Liza’s personalized approach, blending firm accountability with genuine compassion, empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and achieve goals beyond my expectations."

Chrixy S.

What to expect inside this Group Coaching Program

Session 1: Mindset
Introductions, agreements, accountability and MINDSET!
Access your first resources, receive your first 'home work' and update your  Personality Assessment.

Session 2: Money Archetype
Understand personal money relationships, and the money blocks you've inherited. Find out what your Archtype is! Communicate about money with partners.  Do Your Budget! Together...

Session 3: The Ancestral Connection
Learn the history of 'village' living, apply ancestral wisdom to modern real estate, and recognize the significance of family and friends in community building. Learn if you want a village or just a studio all to yourself!

Session 4: The New Work Era & Real Estate
Examine remote work's impact on property investment, explore properties as multi-purpose spaces, integrate sustainability, and understand Blue Zones' relevance.

Session 5: Choosing the Right Destinations
Analyze property location selection, delve into sample destinations, assess ROI based on tourism and real estate growth, and utilize tools for location analysis.

Session 6: Building & Nurturing a Collaborative Community
Understand the psychology of collaboration and shared ownership, develop conflict resolution skills, and explore community scenarios.

Session 7: Crafting the Future: Sustainability & Growth
Envision long-term sustainability and growth, plan legacies, and create personalized action plans.

Session 8: Design, Use, and Flow
Receive guidance on design for existing, renovations, and new builds.

Session 9: Legal
Understand legal structures, overcome geographic hurdles, and analyze collective legal structures.


Session 10: Accounting
Establish financial frameworks, set up accounting systems, and ensure collective protection through insurance and liability shields.

Session 11: Integrated Management Blueprint
Form management committees, establish operational flow, and implement conflict mitigation mechanisms.

Bonus Sessions
Explore dealing with uncertainty and gain an overview of the Mexico village project.

We also have an installment payment plan ready for you, learn more here

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3. Watch the dial move on your results

See tangible progress as you apply new skills and strategies to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Use the strategies learned in the program for business, relationships, or investing

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  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • 1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Session
  • Full step-by-step playbook
  • 8 self-paced video modules
  • Cheatsheets & Checklists
  • Members only community
I'm ready to invest with the installment plan




  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • 1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Session
  • Full step-by-step playbook
  • 8 self-paced video modules
  • Cheatsheets & Checklists
  • Members only community
I'm ready to invest with the one time payment


I'm Liza,

Dreamer, Chief Motivator, Adventurer Investor, Coach


I've travelled the globe, seeking thrills, learning about investments, and fostering community empowerment.

I’m excited to share this unique collaborative concept: co-owning properties like boutique hotels, villas, apartment buildings, or even eco-villages designed for your lifestyle and retirement.

This approach can enhance your financial stability while enriching your spiritual and physical well-being.

Ready to embark on this journey with us?

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